Mossimo turtle-neck & skirt (via Target); Old Navy tights; James & Jules heels (via Zellers)

I'm thinking of taking the next big step of adult life and buying a car.
It's a big step, ladies. But it's becoming a necessary one. Mostly because I can't stand hanging out outside in -40 waiting for the bus. That shit ain't cool.

So here I am, totally lost and confused, trying to figure out if I should buy a car. There are so many things to consider. Do I want new or used? What model? What brand? What year? What colour? Mostly I've decided I want something cute and small, but from there I'm just about useless.

I'm going to Google it. Isn't that what you do when you make big decisions?


  1. Okay one: you look ADORABLE! Two: my advice on car buying is go used (nothing past 2010 if you want it to last a while) and something that does well in snow haha. Big trunk space is a must! I had a great experience with my dealer when I got my car, but I also have a great mechanic who sells used cars. Do you have "a guy" haha?

  2. Oh the car predicament! I personally love our Mazda 3. We bought it new when there was a deal for 0% financing which is what you want if you buy new because it means you don't pay interest on your car payments.

    Buying used is also a good option if you just want to throw down some cash on a car... but make sure to have all the safety checks done and buy from a reputable dealer...and whomever you know to be good with cars...drag them with you.

    Also - in terms of new year, you usually don't need a down payment, you just pay the monthy or bi-weekly amount...

    ALL OF THIS PLUS you need to consider an insurance company (Belair Direct is usually pretty good in terms of rates)...

    Whew. Hope this helps!

  3. Haha, Google it! I bought my Kia Sportage in May. I was driving a used Jeep and I was seriously tired of always having to fix it so I knew I wanted to get a brand new car.

    PS I'm loving the red lip on you!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. you look lovely! best of luck with the new car
    ladies in navy

  5. Based on personal experience buying a car in the U.S., I have two pieces of advice:

    1. Buy used. I don't know much about buying cars in Canada, but if it's similar to here (and I guess it is), a brand-new car loses a HUGE chunk of its value the second you drive it off the lot. If you buy a car that's 1-3 years old, it should still have a portion of its warranty left AND it'll be a few grand cheaper than buying a brand-new version of the exact same car. My friend works for BMW Financial and she recommends buying a car that's "off-lease," i.e., the only previous owner leased it and therefore had to keep low miles/take care of it/only had it for a few years.

    2. If you buy used, never EVER buy "as-is" or "no warranty." I made that mistake, and had to dump $2,000 into the clutch/transmission in the first 18 months of owning it. Not a happy camper was I.

    Good luck!

  6. I tried commenting on this via my phone last night but couldn't. Sharp outfit first of all, very polished and professional looking:)

    I bought my first car a few years ago... which was a lot more nerve-racking than just picking out one I liked and having my dad do all the work!! I went with a new car and I don't regret it at all. I absolutely did not want to deal with the headaches that could potentially come with a used car. I like having my warranty and the peace of mind my car should be problem free for awhile.

    I bought a Toyota Maxtrix and I love it.

    that's my two cents.

  7. Consumer reports? I've never bought a car so I'm not much help in that department.
    This is one of my favourite outfits of your EVER! I love the look of a turtleneck and this version has really pretty folds. The ponytail and cute booties totally pull the look together!


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  9. That’s true. Buying a car is a huge decision to make. And it was wise for you to search online first. This will give you the opportunity to see all the cars available in the market, as well as shops where you can get great deals. How was your car shopping, btw?

    Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler

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  11. I agree with you – car-buying really is one of those adult things that require lots of thinking and good decision-making. Other than the make and the model, one thing you really have to consider is the level of comfort you have with the car. You have to be comfortable with your car, with how it drives and how it feels on the road. Always take a prospect out for a spin or two before making a decision.

    Baron Walters @ BobDunn Subaru


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