Talula pants (via Aritzia); Flurries boots; Mossimo top (via Target)

A couple months back I signed up for Netflix.
Best and worst decision ever.

Basically I spend my free time binging on movies, documentaries and awesome TV shows. I started watching Suits a couple weeks back, and just finished all the episodes that Netflix had uploaded. The most annoying part? They didn't even upload the entire second season. Just the first 10 episodes. Now what do I do?

I love Netflix, I really do. But c'mon! Why keep that from me?!
Mostly I just wanna watch guys in suits, not gunna lie...


  1. Your legs look a million miles long in those high waisted pants!

    That would drive me nuts about the show. I know a lot of people replace tv with Netflix, but I watch way too many tv shows.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Netflix was coming to Belgium, then they weren't, then they were, ... It's driving me crazy! I want to catch up on Revenge and Once Upon A Time and I can't because they're not on TV anymore here. Netflix said they'd have them, but it's still not available for us =( First world problem, haha. I wish they update Suits soon for you ^^

    Loving your outfit by the way. That scarf looks like a fine blanket! xo

  3. Netflix is a total blessing and curse. My husband has been gone for two weeks and I just started watching Parks and Rec. I haven't slept in a week. LOL

  4. I am in the same Suits boat as you!!!

  5. Great post! You would look great in some of our vintage jumpers :)
    Becky x

  6. Ooh lala.. love this look Kelly! I totally agree about Netflix, I just signed up too and have been binging on every show.

  7. Oooh, this look is so hard to pull off and you NAILED IT! You look like a classy supermodel. (Because regular supermodels aren't classy? Idk.) Also, if you're on the Netflix train, have you started Orange Is The New Black? Because OMG OMG, it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to streaming video. Seriously.

  8. Love love love your lip colour! awesome outfit Kelly!

  9. Looking FABULOUS. Love the turtleneck, WANT. And those pants.. And the hair. And the lipstick is amazeballs!


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