Look guys, I'm in a blanket fort.

Last time I wrote one of these posts was when I was pretty new to being roommate-less.
But now that it's been 8 months, I feel much more educated. I have a slightly refined perspective. More reasons why being roommate-less is awesome.

1. You can sing along to any song you want. You can quote any movie you're watching. And you don't piss anyone off. Yes, I love doing both those things. No, no one likes hearing other people do either of those things. You definitely don't want to be around when I'm watching Harry Potter or listening to Lorde.

2. Curry. I can cook with curry. No one is like "eww it stinks". Although, if they said it like that seriously, I might question their taste in everything. Point being, no one gets mad at me for loving Indian and Thai food. Awesome-possum.

3. The entire shower is mine. Every ledge. Every inch. My shampoo. My conditioner. MY body wash. No cramped space. My face wash doesn't fall off it's spot. There's room for everything in there.

4. My couch has become a coat-rack. Or a "drop your clothes off here when you're lazy". It's a good thing I don't often have visitors, or they'd have nowhere to sit.

5. When I'm not putting them on the couch, I can do weird things like hang my clothes on the fridge handle, or from the hanging light, or even from the front door. And it doesn't get in anyone's way but mine. And no one judges me for having an over-flowing closest.

What would you do if you didn't have a roommate?


  1. I ttoally do the same with my couch and it drives mike crazy.

  2. oh my god don't even tempt me! I would just have all of my own art and all my own dishes and I could bring home anyone I wanted (no winky face, just general ability to come and go as I please) I could listen to FROZEN as loud as I want, or Missy Elliot. UGH endless possibilities!

  3. I've never lived alone and don't foresee it in my near future as I am married and have a baby but I am enjoying living vicariously through you.

  4. You're definitely are the goirl to
    meet in Seventh-Heaven, dear:

    Q: who builds a blanket fort at 17ish??
    A: you're totally cool N savvy.

    Precisely why you definitely
    deserve to be in Seventh-Heaven
    where we can getta BIG-OL-BEER
    N tok, tok, tok about all of the
    extraordinary whorizontalisms we
    overcame, goirl...
    plus, you're utterly gorgeous.
    How I'd looove to stare into thine
    eyes as I'd hold your hand across
    the table (a must: Fuzzy Navels).

    So, Coming to my BIG-ol,
    John Belushi, party-hardy
    in illustrious Seventh-Heaven?
    Eternal pleasure-beyond-measure?
    Cya soon Upstairs...
    Be.At.Peace, girly.


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