Sorry, No White-Out....=(

Today I'm lazy AND angry. I'm angry that the weather forecast for the last two days has been rainy and cold. And by cold, I mean I wore my parka today. Okay, maybe I didn't really need to wear the parka, but it kept me warm but not too warm. Just right! Anyway, it's supposed to be like this for the next THREE DAYS. Three more days of gross, cold weather. Ugh.

Now, I'm lazy because I still haven't posted a white-out outfit for the bloggers do it better challenge (this was supposed to be my first time participating!). When the temperature is cold enough to wear your winter jacket, and it always looks like night time outside, you don't really feel like putting on your spring-iest clothing and prance around taking photos, freezing your butt off and getting wet. Well, at least I don't. Sorry.

Instead I have an older outfit post that I haven't posted yet.  For the record, I wore this over the weekend when it was 21 degrees (Celsius) and sunny (sort of). Since then, all we've seen is rain and temperatures below 10. What the heck, Canada?

I took these photos on campus. We were heading to the campus pharmacy and I stopped to take some pictures outside one of the buildings. Changing up the location makes this blog just a little more interesting.

Shirt and belt from Costa Blanca, Cargos from Joe Fresh; Sandals, purse and sunglasses from F21; Bracelet from Dynamite

I got these cargo pants for a Halloween costume last October, and have only worn them once since then. When I tried them on this spring, I didn't like the length, and the cuff on the ankle (it was too tight and I looked a little like a genie).  What you're witnessing here is after I cut off the ankle cuff and rolled up the bottoms. I like this MUCH better and think these pants have redeemed themselves. Awesome!


  1. 21 degrees is still cold, how are you wearing sandels?! I'm such a baby with cold weather so maybe it's just me.. lol

    This is a really cute outfit though!

  2. I love how Paige Renae is saying 50 degrees is freezing, I'm saying 25 degrees is awful, and you're wearing sandals and rolled-up cargos! You're so pretty - I love your hair in the second picture.
    Hopefully the weather gets better up there where you are! It's chilly here, too.

  3. @ Melody & Auntie J.: 21 degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit! 21 Fahrenheit must be nuts cold...But I'm in Canada so 21 is almost 70 Fahrenheit. I'll clarify in the post.

    And thanks ladies :)

  4. honestly i know you think its the lazy outfit but i think its my favorite i've seen you wear :)


  5. I think this us a very lovely casual outfit - not lazy :)

  6. I would be a little angry if I had to wear a parka in May too! I am totally in a weather bubble living in AZ thinking that it's actually cold in other places. And I really like those pants! Cute outfit!

    XO, Katie


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