Casual Friday!

Those of you who have followed me for a bit might remember me talking about my summer co-op job.  Well, I started it this Monday!  I'm a marketing intern for an environmental company, and I'll be conducting some market research over the summer. The job is really awesome so far, and I'm looking forward to contributing in a pretty big way :)

Although the dress is more casual than business casual, and most of the employees wear jeans during the week, I feel better sticking to a business casual dress code and going casual on Fridays only.  Maybe it's 'cuz I'm a newbie? Who knows.

This is what I wore to work today:

Shirt and bracelet from Dynamite; Jeans from Gap; Belt from Joe Fresh; Shoes from Zellers

My shirt was $5 clearance at Dynamite. I often find some great clearance things from there, but my problem is that I buy them, and then never wear them.  This is my first time wearing this shirt and I'm in love. Usually I can't get button-up dress shirts to fit me properly in the waist and the bust together - it's one or the other.  This shirt fits both! Score! And the cute neck-tie-thing is also pretty awesome.

What is everyone doing for Mother's Day Weekend?! I'm heading back home to spend Saturday and Sunday with my mom. I'm a terrible child and haven't even thought of what to get her/do for her yet... I guess it'll be last minute again. Like always. Sorry Mom, I do love you!


  1. Your waist is SO tiny!! Look at you girl! I love the red belt.

    I'm going out to brunch with my parents and grandparents. Then I have to work! uuughhh.. I think it might be SUPER crazy busy...

    Sabrina Says

  2. Lovely outfit!
    Have a sweet weekend and enjoy mother's day with your mom!

  3. Heyyyy, those are your wide leg jeans again! Wow, they look so great on you. Go ahead and be obsessed with them. :D


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