Wednesday's Work Style

Now that I'm at work 40 hours of the week, living in 'business casual', I figured why not make it a part of this blog? I'll be calling these posts Wednesday's Work Style, and they will feature my work outfits on ...Wednesdays!

Why Wednesday? Well, I'm always excited to get dressed on Monday and start the week fresh. But by Wednesday, my clothing inspiration goes downhill until Friday when I can wear jeans (yay!).  Wednesday outfit posts will inspire me to dress my best even in the middle of the week! 

I guess terrible pictures aren't the best way to introduce this idea, but I'm sorry that my skin is just as pale as my light pink shirt. Sorry that the camera didn't pick up on the slight difference between the two, in this overcast weather. I'm wearing a tank, I promise. (This is why I need a new, better camera! ... or a tan.)

Cardigan from Urban Behaviour; Tank from H&M (too bad it's invisible); Pants from Ricki's, Shoes from Spring; Belt from mom's old closet; Necklace from F21

Do you ever run into a mid-week rut with your outfits or am I the only one? 


  1. I totally get into a mid-week rut, especially if the weather doesn't cooperate. :) It's a great idea to incorporate your work clothes into your blog. I rarely have the time and energy to photograph myself after work...

  2. It's a great idea! You look great! I love the color of the sweater.
    I will be looking forward to more Wednesday Work Style. :)

  3. Mid week rut? Oh yes. That is why I keep a catalog of bloggers outfits on a Word document and refer to it on Wednesday night. Nerdy? Yes. Creepy? Maybe. But it works!

  4. Love how you layered and style this work appropriate, but cute outfit!

  5. really like the brightly colored cardigan!!


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