I love long weekends :)

You know what's great about today? It's Sunday, but I don't work tomorrow. It's Victoria Day! And I love random holidays and 3-day weekends. My plan? Rest and relax.

Today, however, we ventured out to the mall to get some things for the boyfriend. He needed more "work" clothes, so we went for a tour.

Shirt from Joe; Maxi from F21 (previously a dress); Jacket from Dynamite; Shoes from Spring; Scarf from ???; Belt from Old Navy

This is my maxi dress that I re-did into a skirt. I chopped the top off - from where the armpit stitching ended. Then I folded the top down about 1.5 inches (enough width for the elastic) and sewed it.  Then made a small opening, suck the elastic in, sewed it together, and sewed the hole back up. Voila! And what's great is I made it long enough to wear with heels OR flats, depending on where it sits on my waist. Awesome!

The weather has been terrible the last week - with the exception of yesterday. It was sunny and 25 degrees (Celsius) I spent all day outside walking and roller-blading around the city. I did a lot of people watching, which was fun. I ended up in a number of tourists' photos as well. Sorry...

All in all, a great day. And hopefully a great weekend :)


  1. What a great look for your slim little self. :) Do you have a "Labor Day" up there in Canada? That's what I have to look forward to next Monday, but tomorrow it's back to work.

  2. I love this look on you--it's so figure flattering, and the bold colors balanced out with black and brown look great!
    Paige Renae

  3. I love this look!! Very flattering! I would consider this perfect color blocking! :)

    Enjoy your day off!

  4. this is a fab look, colour blocking rocks. Your maxi skirt is so flattering. I am so envious of bloggers who can alter their own clothes. I'm hopeless at sewing!

  5. Okay, Kelly. Now I feel really stupid. What kind of American doesn't know her own holidays?! I meant Memorial Day, not Labor Day! Geez! Couldn't trust me with a plug nickel, now could you? ;-)

  6. Love the maxi skirt, good DIY-ing :)

  7. The fitted maxi skirt looks great on you!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls


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