Totem Poles

Every once in a while I'll see totem poles randomly distributed around the city.  When my boyfriend and I walked down to the market the other day, we noticed this one for the first time. Obviously this meant pictures.

Cardigan and dress from Joe Fresh; Shoes from F21; Purse was gifted; Necklace from Aldo; Belt from Costa Blanca

We took lots of pictures of this outfit, in different lighting, with different backgrounds. These were the only ones that actually turned out. Oh well, at least some did!

It was such a gorgeous day out, we HAD to take advantage of the outdoor patios... So for the first time ever appearing on my blog, this is my boyfriend/photographer/cool kid I hang out with, featuring our humongous nacho appetizer:

He's going to be mad at me! When I started this blog he says "I think it's great! As long as there are no pictures of me in it."  I promised there wouldn't be, but today I'm breaking that promise. Sorry, honey :). I love you!

Oh, and happy Friday/long weekend to all my American visitors! I'm a little jealous we don't get another long weekend up here in Canada, but I guess I understand...


  1. Super cute outfit, love the dress!

  2. you should get into modeling! you're so pretty plus your figure and height is perfect for it!

    omg, my fiance loooves nachos!!

  3. Oh my, did you guys eat all that!?! That's humongous!

    Well, you're probably one of those who can eat anything and still be svelte. Look at you and your beautiful dress. That dress will probably not be forgiving to most people. haha :)

  4. I love your cute and relaxed outfit, perfect for a long weekend! I love the totem pole, it's so fun! Boy, those nachos sure are making me hungry...:)

  5. Sweet outfit - I love your dress!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. You asked me about my surprise, send me your email or email me


  7. I have always loved a dress and cardi combo, belting it was such a lovely idea! He looks so much fun, don't think he'll get mad ;)

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  8. Super cute dress! Your waist looks TINY!
    I have probably said it before but I love your hair. It's the length I'm shooting for. It looks great!

    I doubt the boyfriend will get mad. It's an awesome picture! :)


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