My May Wishlist

Wow, Blogger sucks. A lot. At least I didn't have to re-write this post! So for now, this is what's going up. You'll have an outfit soon, I promise :)

These are some of the things I've been drooling over lately. There's never really a theme, just random things that jump out at me and make me say "GIMME!".

  1. Dress from Urban Outfitters: I'm lusting over this dress right now because of it's light-weight material and unique button-up back. The colour is gorgeous - I don't have too many blues in my closet that aren't jeans.
  2. Pants from Urban Outfitters: I've been looking for the perfect pair of black paperbag trouser pants, and these fit the bill. 
  3. Necklace from ALDO: I love the simplicity of this necklace. 
  4. Flats from Spring: The texture of these are awesome - I love the basket-weave, perfect for summer!
  5. Red Shorts from Forever 21: These would add an awesome pop of colour to any outfit during the summer.  All of my bottoms are neutrals, so it'd be nice to have something a bit more fun.
  6. Wedges from ALDO: I just simply love these. 
  7. Earrings from ALDO: These too.
  8. Blue Blouse from Forever 21: I have been expanding the blouse section of my closet. They're perfect for this weather - easy to layer when it's cold, or perfect on their own when it's hot. 
  9. Nautical Bag from Smart Set: This bag would be such a fun addition to any casual outfit. 
  10. Sunglasses from ALDO: They're just cool. 

Let's see if any of these make it into my closet by the end of the month! Wouldn't that be nice... If money grew on trees, maybe?


  1. My eyes were instantly drawn to the red shorts -- I think fun shorts are a must this summer. I'm debating between a pair of coral or hot pink ones myself. Great picks!

  2. i love that dress... does it button down the middle in the back? either way, fantastic. its not on my wishlist too :)


  3. @Winnie it looks like it buttons down at the back. which is why I love it so much! :D

  4. I like what I'm seeing here, I really need a good pair of shorts, loving the ones you've picked out.



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