Costco wrap sweater; American Eagle jeans and plaid top; Payless boots 

I bet this post title has been done about a million times before, and probably even a couple times by me. But how else am I supposed to draw you to my awesome super comfortable wrap sweater? I basically live in this thing. It's fantastic.

I bet you're all tired of these boots. They're my fall go-to's. Since it's been getting cooler outside, I need all the leg coverage I can get. Unfortunately, after three years under my ownership, they're falling apart. There's a hole in them, and the material is starting to peel (yay for not-real-leather shoes!!!). Time to replace them? Or wait for clearance prices in a couple months? Guess which one I pick...


  1. That looks sooooo comfy. I love how you took a "stay-at-home-with-some-tea-and-cozy-clothes" item and made it presentable with a bright plaid and cute boots. I prob wouldn't put nearly that much effort into wearing it, haha

    1. Err....that comment sounds kind of weird in retrospect. It's a compliment, I swear!

  2. That wrap sweater looks SO cozy! I bet right after Christmas you can get some new boots on major sale.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. definitely not tired of the boots! love it

  4. I love wrap sweaters! And the debate between buying new things for full price vs. waiting it out for a couple of months. I know that feel. Oh the glamorous student life.



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