Old Navy dress; Call it Spring scarf; Payless boots

I wore this to work the other day, and my boss goes "Oh... Why are you wearing a dress?".
I guess I don't wear dresses often. Somehow this outfit was a shock to him.

Should I wear dresses more often?

I just really like pants...


  1. Haha! I tend to wear pants more often in the fall/winter since I hate having my legs get cold. I love how you styled the dress with the scarf!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. LOL Well you look very pretty in this dress! I love it with the scarf!

  3. You look so gorgeous!!! I love this dress :) Might have to go nab one for myself :)

  4. Pants are awesome in the winter because they don't require hose or cold legs :)

  5. I'm a dresses and skirts kind of girl so I would definitely encourage you to wear dresses more! ^^ This black number looks great on you and I still am mad about your leopard scarf :) xo


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