Can I just say I love Ottawa? I'm so lucky to have grown up near such a great city, and moving downtown was the best decision I made. But part of what's awesome about Ottawa is the budding entrepreneurship. As you all know, I've been working with Castellammare Jewellery, an Ottawa-based online jewellery store. And today I get to introduce you to Babes & Gents Clothing, a new streetwear brand from Ottawa. 

I had the chance to interview Amir, owner of Babes & Gents Clothing, to learn more about the brand and clothing line. Also, these awesome shots? From their lookbook - check it!

What made you decide to start your own clothing line?
I come from a visual art background (acrylic paintings) but I never could connect with my customers, so after a friend suggested to put my art on tees and sell them, a spark went off.

I love how closely Babes & Gents is tied into art. Why did you make this a focus?
The focus of the brand is changing for the next spring/summer collection, but art will always be part of the brand, since it’s a big part of me. And to answer your question, I got into this business because of the art, and now I’ve realized that I got to treat it more as a business, simply because the best art doesn’t necessarily always sell!
Your brand generously donates 10% of its profits to UNICEF. What inspired this decision?
I’ve been taught to always give back from what I make to people who need it the most, and also because I believe people (especially children) are a lot more important than dogs or the environment.
Where do you draw inspiration for your shirt designs?
This first collection was based on all my art aspirations, and I wanted to give a taste of what is to come in the next 5 years. Each design will become its own collection in the near future.
Back to your question though, these works all have different inspirations behind them, and those inspirations come to life a little bit more with the feel that one might get by looking at the look-book (check out the look-book here).

If you could get Babes & Gents on any celebrity in the world, who would you chose to show off your clothing?
I would have to go with Kanye West. He is my idol in every way, especially on the creativity front. 
There you have it folks!
Check out Babes & Gents here.
Personally, I've got my eye on the cute love birds crop tank
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*Photos courtesy of Babes & Gents lookbook


  1. Oh how fun! What great looks. Of course, it's a little too cold for most of it right now, but still, adorable.

  2. I'm sick of craving american flag print. Bring on the canadiana!



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