I took this photo a number of weeks ago, when the trees were changing colours and the grass was starting to lose it's lustre. 
As I sit here, large snowflakes are tumbling past my window. I can't see the ground from this angle, but I imagine it's much different than this. 
Today I start playing Christmas music. It only seems fitting with the first snowfall of the year. The holiday season is starting. 
But I feel alone. 
It's an odd feeling. Like I should be experiencing this time with someone else - family, friends, anybody. 
But I'm sitting by myself in my apartment staring out the window. There's nothing wrong with being by myself, except this feels like a sort-of-magical-moment and I wish I didn't have to experience it alone. 
Maybe it's the Christmas music making me emotional.
Or maybe it's the snow.
Or maybe it's that I still don't have snow boots and I need to go get groceries.


  1. I love this photo!

    And I get what you mean. It's totally natural to want someone to snuggle up with when the weather gets nasty, whether it's a S/O or your mom :) Are you allowed to have pets in your apartment? A cat makes an excellent cold-weather cuddle-buddy...or mine does, at least!

    1. I would love a little kitty of my own, but there are a few reasons why it's not right at this stage in life. In a couple years, I'm sure :)

  2. This photo is amazing! I'm sorry your feeling alone, I agree with everything Emma said. Maybe it is the Christmas music making you emotional, but I hope your feeling better.

    1. Thanks Melody :) Yeah I think it was the Christmas music. I'm feeling better now, thanks :)


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