I think reflection is an important part of learning who you are, and "knowing yourself" is the best thing you can do. I think a lot, but that's part of what makes me me.  And I'm not going to feel bad about it.

In fact, in all of this thinking I have learned some valuable things about myself and my choices, i.e. why I make certain decisions, what things I value most, and where I hope to be eventually. I've also learned some general things about life. For example:

You have to be okay with not knowing. You won't always have the answer, you won't always be given a reason, and you need to be okay with it. You need to accept it and move on. There's no point in hanging on, you will only be disappointed.

You are in control of your happiness. Whether you like it or not, it's you who controls it. A lot of life is about perspective. Do you think positively or negatively? If something throws your life off-balance, do you sit back and let it happen, or do you take control and drive your life back on track? It's your choice.

Let those who matter to you know. No one wants to wake up one day and realize they lost the chance to say how they felt. When was the last time you told your family you loved them? When was the last time you told your best friends they meant the world to you? Be grateful for the people in your life and let them know it. 

Optimism can get you far. Truth. Again about perspective- it's much much much easier to live life on the bright side. Don't let negative people get you down, because surrounding yourself with them will get you down. I promise. Pessimism will convince you that certain experiences or chances aren't worth it. Remember that your glass is half full. Think of all the things that make you smile and try and see the good in every situation. You'll feel lighter, fuller and happier. You will get farther.

So tell me... do you think a lot? Do you sit back and evaluate?


  1. These are great life lessons! I think it's so true about being in control of your own happiness.

    The Tiny Heart
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  2. I am a crazy, over-analytic lady. I appreciate all the points you've made here - especially at this time in my life when I need to start taking control, making tough decisions, and move forward! I think I need another phone/skype date!!

  3. ps i love your blog redesign... meant to tell you that awhile ago ;P

  4. This was such a great read. It's great to just reflect on your life, realize what you still need to grow in and decide how to move forward.

  5. Kelly! I love this post - so spot on!

    xo Lauren

    PS - Run tomorrow? If you can handle the cold?

  6. i love this! taking a step back and reflecting can be so helpful!

    dash dot dotty


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