Ladies and gentlemen.
Well mostly ladies.
Do you remember our coffee dates? Well, last time we had one was back here when I made all you jealous of my Easter candy stash (I just made myself jealous looking back).

Well, now that the cold weather has returned, I can start drinking coffee again without getting the sweats. For reals.

This means, return of the coffee date!
Actually today I'm drinking tea. It's called Alpine Punch from David's Tea. It's part of their winter collection, but I'm lucky I still had some left-over from last winter. It's a rooibos tea with apples, almond flakes and some coconut. Sounds wacky, but I think it tastes pretty fruity and awesome. I put in a bit of maple syrup as a sweetner and it's good to go!

Yesterday I got my hair chopped off. You'll still see a few outfit photos in the queue where it's longer, but soon, my friends... Yeah okay, maybe 3-4 inches isn't a big deal but it's cray for me. It's above my boobs now! Oh god, I just said boobs on my blog... Moving on.

My parents got me some new fuzzy socks for my birthday. I've been wearing them all weekend. They're better than slippers, I swear. It's like walking on clouds when they're new!

Yesterday I went to the mall with a plan and a list. I had a bunch of things to buy for myself that I've put off (oh hello winter, yes I will need snow boots soon, I am aware). But you know what? I only completed about half my list. Half! That's pathetic. And I didn't even find winter boots. Why are they all so gosh darn expensive?! Worst part is, the longer I leave it, the busier Christmas shopping is gonna get, and THEN I'm fighting people.  :\ 

Happy Sunday, hope you're all having a relaxing weekend!


  1. I'm convinced there is nothing better than new socks in the world. LIke, if everyone had new socks all the time, there would be no war or fighting.

    1. You're probably right. Everyone would just be cozy and happy.

  2. I don't like tea, but maple syrup? Give me more! I actually found a bottle of maple syrup in my parents kitchen today. I poured some in my coffee after dinner... hmmmm!

    Girls and their hair, it's a strange thing! I got a good cut little over a month ago and made huge drama about it on my blog and twitter. I know, sounds pathetic but a lot of people could relate, haha. xo

    1. I love it as a sweetener!
      And yes - I thought about your hair post as I was writing this actually! Girls are funny with their hair.

  3. I love your fuzzy socks! Everyday is a good day with Fuzzy socks or at least that's what I tell myself!

  4. Oh yay! I loved these post. I love fuzzy socks, way better than slippers! I've been thinking of chopping some of my hair off too lately, but I'm not 100% sure I'm ready to take the plunge.

    1. fuzzy socks are SO much better than slippers.
      And I had to ... the ends were getting dead, and I also wanted something a little fresh-er... lol


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