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It's that time of year again. Lovely ladies everywhere are looking for that perfect holiday dress. Whether you've got a Christmas party, New Years party, or even just a family get together, a beautiful dress is a must.

When eShakti contacted me to review one of their products, I chose this dress with my work's Christmas party in mind. I had gotten another dress from H&M, but I didn't think it'd be fancy enough, so I returned it. This? I can work with this...

The best thing about eShakti is you can customize. For this dress, I removed the pockets because I didn't want anymore fabric added to my hips. I also customized the length by choosing "above the knee". Technically, I would consider this knee-length. I expected about an inch or two shorter, but it's still pretty as it is. And it's better to be too long than too short, since it's for a work function.

Anyways, I'm totally excited to style this for my work party! The lace overlay is SO delicate and the hemline is gorgeous. I encourage you to stop by eShakti to check out their dresses because today the entire site is 35% off! That's a mega deal.

Happy weekend to everyone!

* This dress was provided by eShakti for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.


  1. You look gorgeous!! That dress is so pretty, I love the delicate lace.

  2. bbbbbrrrrrr! this dress is gorgeous though

  3. I had to read the post while I waited for the photo to load, so I had time to imagine it before I saw, but it still managed to duly impress! Did you get any compliments at the party?

  4. Gorgeous dress and good for you for rocking no sleeves in the winter cold!!! All in the name of a good photo I assume :)

  5. That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you! It will be perfect for your work party. And geez, you must be freezing out there!!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Omg sooo gorgeous! eShakti rocks my socks. They usually contact me for a review too, odd that I haven't seen it yet. Is it a new employee? I just really want a new dress. Perhaps that one. Ha!

    Also, I am stumped as to how you're not freezing your buns off in this pic. Major badass right there :P

  7. the dress is really pretty, love the blush & black combo as well as the lace :)

  8. What a gorgeous dress!!!! Perfect for a holiday party.

  9. You look beautiful in this lace number Kelly! I love it! ^^ xo


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