November is here. Well, it's been here for a few days, but I just can't get around how quickly this year has gone by.

For me, this month is usually defined by the following: first snowfall, my birthday, fuzzy socks, bare trees, rain, heavy jackets, cold, and just generally dreary. Before the first snow, we endure a few weeks of cold rain, cold wind and blah weather, and it just sucks.

But I was lucky to snap some shots recently with Marianna, when there was still some colour on the trees. With this cold weather comes jackets, and variation is key for the next 6 months. I love the texture on this one - it's tweed and it's awesome. And it's warm. Everything I need for November.


  1. great outfit, love the boots!
    November is pretty great, such an underappreicated month!

  2. I absolutely LOVE that tweed coat! Where is it from??

    The Tiny Heart

  3. I am in LOVE with that jacket.. and chunky sweater... so cozy!

  4. This whole outfit is so …pinterrific. I just made that word up, but really, it's got cargo skinnies, black booties, and knits. These are a few of my favourite things.


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