Coral + stripes + white pants + leopard print.

Forever 21 tank; American Eagle jeans; Payless shoes; GAP bag

Special thanks to this guy for taking his sweet time getting on his bike. 
Thanks for not staring at me. I can tell because you were in every single picture looking away. 
On purpose? Probably.

Does it make me a creeper if I just took 30 photos of this dude by accident?

Happy Friday!!


  1. Haha! Love that guy in your last photo - at least he's cute and tried to give you your privacy? He could've been a total creeper and rude about jumping into your pictures. And I don't blame you if he showed up in other pictures, he looks like a cutie haha


  2. Haha! I hate when I have onlookers for my photos say yay that the guy was busy doing his own thing :) The pattern mixing in this outfit is so cute! Have a great weekend, Kelly!

    The Tiny Heart
    Forever 21 Giveaway!

  3. you're braver than I am! I would have waited until that guy was on his bike and around the corner before I could take a pic. I'm not made for fashion blogging in the city :)

  4. Hahaa I agree with Raych, I would have waited til he was completely out of sight before I started taking pictures lol I love everything about this outfit!

  5. Hah, I always feel so awkward when I'm taking outfit pictures for the blog. People always give such weird looks. Or they purposely avoid making eye contact with you.


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