So I've become that person. The one who uses instagram to capture daily outfits.
It's difficult when I don't have an empty street to take pictures on. It's hard to break out of that comfort zone.
So while I continue to fight the battle of outfit photos, here are some Insta-outfits I've taken recently instead:
Yep, that is a bra on my bed. Not intentional. Whoops

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  1. girl, wear it with PRIDE! Being that girl is the most fun! Instagram is delightful and so are your clothes!!

  2. great outfits...loved them all

  3. Hahaha no judgement here! I've been known to do that on the odd occasion... :)

  4. I just bought my first pair of ripped jeans and LOVE them. I'm sure I was subconsciously remembering seeing all the amazing pairs on your blog. Years of bliss I missed out on, I tell ya.


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