On writing.

I've never really been one to write. I blog, but my blog is here to share stories with you. It's a communication tool. Though I find blogging relaxing, I've never had a desire to write outside of this medium.

But recently I've found myself filled with words, thoughts and emotions that I can't help but need to document. It's weird, isn't it, how the smallest of things can inspire you. One day you're filled with peace and quiet, and the next you're frantically trying to scribble all your thoughts down before you lose one.

And I've been using my phone to help me blog. I'll open the note pad and write and write and write possible post content. Before, I would take photos and write a post that worked. Or wait until I got home with an idea in the back of my head.

Not gunna lie, this shift is weirding me out a bit.


  1. Oh man, I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally woken Matt up because I just HAD to "jot down this one idea I just had." Sometimes it's blog-related, sometimes it's not. Notepad app = best friend. Get down with yo' writin self!

  2. yeah girl! YES, so much yes!! RIGHT?!!? I think it's part of working own and cultivating a creative medium like blogging, it awakens little dormant things in your mind that you didn't know you had, and now they are out there wreaking havoc, waking you up at all hours of the night and bugging you during your productive days. I totally get it! I hope we can read some of your writing!!

  3. I usually have blog post ideas ready in my head but I often don't write them down until it's time to do the post. I'm weird like that :)

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  4. I love the simplicity of this outfit; and those pants!!!

  5. I have times where I'm like that and times where I feel like I couldn't write even if it was the thing I wanted most in the world.

  6. Such a cute, simple outfit - I love the fun pants and those adorable sandals!!


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