Coffee date #3... Things are getting serious.

Right? Isn't the third date the make-or-break-it sort of thing? If you pass date #3, you mean business? No?
Welcome to coffee date #3.

I will answer some of your questions from our last date, and then I'll ramble as usual.

Emily of Tinfoil Tiaras asked me what my favourite guilty indulgent snack was...

These. These are my favourite guilty indulgent snack. Side note: I know these photos are mirrored and I'm too lazy to correct it. Anyways, at least they're dark chocolate, so I don't feel AS bad. But I have some of these every night. Probably doesn't help that the bag is Costco-sized...

Melody of Happiness & Love asked when I'm coming to the NY area. Well, Melody, it will happen when this happens: When I get ...

Again with the darn mirrored photo... When I have more money I'd LOVE to go back to NY. A few years ago I did a NYC trip and it was awwwwwesome. But it's expensive :(

I've been getting some comments on my iPhone case. I got it from an etsy shop called Scribbles and Stripes. I wanted something a little funky, especially for my (at the time) new iPhone 5. The store sells cases for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 and they rock.

You know it's Sunday when you actually take the time to make a proper breakfast. Weekends are amazing.

This morning I made french toast with Nutella, strawberries and bananas. Is it weird that I didn't make coffee and we're having a coffee date? Should be more like a "breakkie date"...

Either way, I bet I just made you jealous.

Until next time! If you have any other fun questions I'd be happy to answer!
Hope your weekends have been stellar. I get to go paint now. Shoot me. But not actually.


  1. Oooh, it's totally serious now! I love these little posts. They're so much fun.

  2. You can make me breakfast any day!

    Such a cute post!

    xo Lauren

  3. Yumm I love nutella French toast!! awe one day you'll come back to NY! It is really expensive.. maybe you canstay somewhere outside of the city like hoboken or Jersey city? It's just 10-15 minutes from New York.

  4. I love this coffee date feature :) And getting-to-know you questions.
    Here's one: what's the first thing you do when you get home from work? And, what are your favourite smells?

  5. Oh man, those acai berries are delicious!! A costco sized bag sounds both amazing and scary lol



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