5 Spring Essentials.

Just my personal list of the 5 things that I really need this spring. Like, seriously need.

1. An amazing striped dress.

Stripes won't be leaving us just yet! They're sticking around for a little while longer. A big bold striped dress is the perfect way to welcome the sunshine and warmth back in your life!

I found a couple great ones from Banana Republic that are both awesome AND work appropriate: this and this.

2. Denim vest & studs.

A denim vest is spring's response to the fur vest of fall.  Good luck trying to get that faux fur to keep you cool (hint: 'aint gunna happen). The denim vest, however, makes an awesome addition to anyone's closet (just think of how great your denim jacket is and imagine it without arms)!

Plus this one is ├╝ber awesome 'cause it's got studded detail. Here's another great studded one from Forever 21. Maybe I'll pick that one up.

3. Camo... everything

The whole military style has been around for a while, but I love the more literal feel it's taking on this spring. Camo is everywhere. She's wearing a camo jacket here, but camo pants are popping up like the not-yet-flowers-of-spring.

Don't believe me? Forever 21 military jacket, GAP camo pants, Dynamite camo jegging and this H&M leopard print camo coat. Yeah, I'll be adding more camo to my closet, that's for sure.

4. Wedge sneakers

Leave it to Sydney to show us all how to perfect the sneaker wedge. Honestly, I hated these before I saw them on her. Now I'm in love. Talk about incredible influence this lady has. I'm so in love that I am ACTIVELY searching Pinterest for more inspiration on wedge sneakers. Which means I might convince myself I haaaaaave to have them.  Plus my fav shoe store, Call It Spring, has these for $60.

5. Anything with polka dots.

Just like camo and stripes, polka dots are big creepers creeping up all over the place. One day it's on a shirt and next think you know, it's on ev-er-y-thing you buy.

I'm currently lusting over these polkadot pants, this (neon) polkadot bikini and this polka-dotted shirt-dress (though it is a bit on the short side....)

What tops your list of spring essentials?


  1. Cute picks Kelly! I would love a striped dress and camo jacket too :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I'll definitely be adding extra stripes and polka dots to my closet!

  3. I searched for a denim vest last summer and I couldn't find an affordable one. This year I have to get one! And I hated the sneaker wedges at first but now I kinda want a pair.

    The Tiny Heart

  4. my essentials are a great striped dress and plenty of polka dots too!!

  5. It's nice to see some trends from last year back again. I think you've done a good job teasing out those with staying power. I pinned two of these looks!


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