Gap cardigan; H&M tank and scarf; Winners pants; Payless shoes

It makes me sad when I unintentionally neglect certain pieces in my closet. Every time I get dressed, I overlook them and I don't know why.

The other day I reminded myself that I have red pants; somehow I had forgotten about them. The following morning, I woke up and created an outfit around them.

In addition to the red pants, I bought this scarf last year and have only worn it twice. I think it was time I added it to another outfit.

Do you ever forget you own certain things? 


  1. Um, I want those red pants. Like now. I've been searching and searching for the perfect ones and clearly you have them!

  2. I totally roll my cardigan sleeves now after seeing some of your posts !!


  3. I do that sometimes! And then I wear the item and wonder, why haven't I been wearing this EVERY SINGLE DAY?! Those red pants are killer, it's hard to believe you'd pass them up in your closet so often :)

  4. Haha I do that sometimes too! The bird print on the scarf is really cute. I'm wearing the same kind of outfit today (not on the blog)...sweater, tank, scarf, jeans, and flats! Ha! I should Instagram it for you later :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Looveee everything! You are so stinkin' cute Kelly!

  6. I always forget what's in my closet! Sometimes it's nice because when I find something I forgot about, it's ALMOST like going shopping :) Love those red pants, and you should definitely wear that scarf more often :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. those pants are AMAZING! i'm glad they've made a comeback!

    dash dot dotty

  8. I have so many forgotten things in my closet, it's so sad. Thanks for the reminder to get them out!! :)

    The Blue Hour

  9. I love the pants, and I really love that scarf!!

  10. Remember when you guys made fun of my electric stop sign pants in grade seven?

    Hahahaha now you have them!

    What's funnier is I wore full length red jumpsuit all day today, and in honour of you guys, I called it my electric stop sign outfit.

  11. I love this outfit! I cannot get enough of these red pants...I have them too and always want to wear them haha. My problem about forgetting I have some pieces, is that my closet is so small and I have so much to fit in there that it's easy for things to get lost...sigh, time to move to a place with more closet space!!

  12. This happens to me ALLLLLL the time. I love rediscovering things in my closet and I am glad that you rediscovered these great red pants. I love them with that lovely blue scarf!


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