Indoor Scarf.

Sometimes I put a scarf on to go outside, and forget to take it off when I come back in. A couple hours later I realize why I'm nice and toasty warm - it's my "indoor scarf"! And it's wonderful! Do you guys do this?

Joe Fresh sweater; Old Navy shirt & cowl; AE jeans; Payless boots; H&M socks

Fun fact: Yesterday I accompanied my mom to puppy training for little Charlie. Turns out that two other puppies in the same class are from the exact same litter! They're little brothers and sisters! What a coincidence!

Fun fact: When I pet my cat, she turns her ears down and looks like Yoda. It's awesome. I shall take a picture one day.

Fun fact: Today I'm going to buy a number of materials to make some DIY's that I've pinned recently. Finally, Pinterest making itself useful! ;) Just kidding, I love Pinterest!

Have a good day everyone!


  1. Cute gingham shirt! I have the same ON cowl as you in grey and I do wear it inside! It's super warm :)


  2. I love your top and that cardigan. You look amazing against the snow! Also your new blog look is really cute. I love all the bright colors for this dreary winter. I can't wait to see your DIY's. Well, assuming you plan on sharing. I have a few I need to go buy supplies for.

  3. I love those boots! They are so cute.

  4. love this outfit! it looks so cozy. and that necklace is the perfect touch and adds even more interest to the entire ensemble!

  5. Love this outfit Kelly - so cute & comfy! And that scarf looks soo cozy - I totally wear scarves inside. SO cute that Charlie gets to hang with his little bros & sisters :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Love the braid on your Kelly Belly, looks sweet ass.

  7. I do this too! Just randomly came across your blog from Freckles and April :)


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