Today it just seemed natural to choose neutrals, heh heh.

AE sweater and jeans; H&M tank; Spring boots; Dynamite cowl; F21 hat

And here is almost half of my boxing-day haul.  These 'jeggings' (which are like soft denim) and this sweater are new. I love how the sweater is just slightly cropped - it adds some fun to the outfit! AE was awesome this year - 40% off your entire purchase! I should've bought more...

In the last post a couple of you asked about the tripod and/or remote. I bought the tripod at Black's (in Canada). It was about $60 but I got it with a 50% discount before Christmas. The remote was actually ordered off Ebay.  Honestly, it was $9 and works perfectly (as you can see!). Those of you looking to buy one or the other, DO IT!  Now that I don't have a photographer at my disposal, I can do it myself with very little trouble!


  1. Great outfit! I totally agree with you, a tripod and remote are necessary. there are times (everyday now bc my new schedule) when the hubby won't be there to take pics. I'm investing in a remote today actually cause I was running to my spot and fell yesterday...totally embarrassing!

  2. Love this look! The sweater looks so cozy.
    What type of camera do you have?

  3. i usually don't like cropped tops, but i love this on you! i love the white t that peaks out from the bottom.

    do you use a point and shoot with the tripod? the ones i've been looking at are over 100+ ...steep. the crappy tripod i have now tips over from the weight of my dslr. so dangerous i refuse to risk having it smashed to bits!

    i also ordered a remote on ebay and it works just fine!

  4. Love the black and look super cute & comfy! And what an awesome snowy background :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Do you have to have a special kind of camera for the tripod you got? Or is it one that you can just set the camera on? I love your pictures!

  6. Love the outfit! And thanks for the tip - I'll have to check on getting some eyeshadow primer in my next e.l.f. haul for sure!
    And I've been looking at getting a remote for my camera. It would make shooting with a tripod so much easier. What kind of camera do you use?

  7. These photos are badass and I love the way you tucked in the side of your sweater and the scenery is beautiful.

  8. Model like :) <3 very nice! :) your legss are so great! :) O:)


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