Winter denim.

Good day lovelies,

American Eagle sweater; F21 button-down; Gap denim; Scarf??

These pants don't get much love from me in the winter time. I only have one pair of heeled winter boots but I don't wear them very much (heels+snow = no fun). Today I sucked it up and put them on just so I could wear these jeans out of the house. I missed my flared denim! I feel so restricted to skinny jeans at this time of year and it's interfering with my creativity! ;)

Today is one of those days... I've got nothing planed and I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Or if I'm even going to do anything. We'll have to see how it turns out... maybe I'll just sit back and take some time to myself? Start a new book, perhaps? I've got 5 on my shelf waiting to be read and I want to do the entire HP series again. Ambitious? I think yes. The last time I read a real book was at least a year ago. Since then it's only been textbooks. Wish me luck, guys!

p.s. If you guys haven't noticed I've got a new layout goin' on! I hope you like it, because it'll be here to stay for a while. It's tiring trying to re-do your blog.


  1. Your new layout looks great!

    Winter can be a pain when it comes to fashion. I feel like I'm always wearing boots since my feet will freeze if I don't!


  2. Winter fasion had me in a funk. I'm more of a spring summer girl, this cold weather has me confused on what to wear lol I'm getting better though.
    I love how your sweater looks over the plaid shirt!

  3. I like the new layout and I'm dying over the color of the scarf. You know, I've been feeling the same way about my skinnies and have been forcing myself to get my flares out more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. love those jeans.
    I guess being able to wear pants other than skinny jeans is the one plus about living in a place where it rains instead of snows all winter long.

  5. I love that flannel shirt with those pants! Fantastic.

  6. and by flannel, I mean plaid - I have no idea if it is flannel or not.

  7. LOVE those jeans - glad you sucked it up and put on the heels :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. LOVE the jeans. I have yet to find the perfect flared jeans for me :(
    You are gorgeous, Kelly!

  9. I love the new layout :) So simple and pretty. And I love the pop of color in your scarf!

  10. This post is inspiring me to take a break from skinny jeans and get the wide leg/flair/straight ones out of the closet! Nice outfit and lovely blog! Come visit mine at

  11. i love your new layout--and your outfit! loveee those jeans!


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