Today, I took outfit photos all-by-myself. I was testing out both my new tripod (yay!) and remote (double yay!). In most pictures you can see the remote in my hand - I'll have to work on hiding that from view in the future. 

Old Navy vest; Strawberry shirt; AE jeans; F21 belt; Payless boots

Outfit photos are becoming more and more difficult. I opened the door to step outside for these pics and the freezing wind forced me to close the door again. I re-evaluated my plan to take outfit photos today. When I realized the blog wouldn't populate itself, I decided to give it another go. After a minute or two my skin numbed a little and I couldn't feel the cold so much. At that point I realized I should get inside before I get any frost-bite.  I'm not sure how I'll handle outfit photos in the middle of January and February.  All you other Canadian bloggers, I don't know how you ladies do it.

Today my cousin is heading back to Denmark. She was here for 12 days but it seemed to go by way too quickly.  Whenever she leaves I forget what I used to do with my life when she wasn't around!


  1. Cute belted sweater

    You are brave! There's no snow out here yet and I still don't want to take outdoor pics. So I have boring indoor ones. :)


  2. Ahh you have a remote! I've been lusting over those for weeks... must buy...
    Adorable belt, and I totally can relate to the weather thing. Indoor pictures are so boring, but I don't want to brave the chill!! :)

  3. love the look! and you should share where you got the tripod and remote from?! I want one for myself too! you did well :)

    xo Nav

  4. OH MY GOSH KELLY YOU'RE AT 99 FOLLOWERS! Here comes the big 1-0-0!

  5. I know what you mean, it was 32 degrees here today, which is no comparison for your weather, but still very cold! You are so lucky to have such a gorgeous backdrop for your photos! :)

  6. Loving the belted sweater vest, such a great addition! Very cute outfit.

    Alexandra xo


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