Surviving Canadian Winters: Jackets.

So I've been thinking... and I've decided that all my readers get to see is what I wear below my jackets, mitts and scarves.  Why not show you guys how I dress for winter? Brilliant idea! This means I, for once, get to take pictures AND stay warm at the same time.

So I am starting a mini-series called "Surviving Canadian Winters".  At times it can be glamorous, and at other times, not so glamorous... Either way, it'll be a fun way to look at my outer-wear wardrobe during the coldest months of the year. I'll have three posts around the most important parts of a winter wardrobe: jackets, boots and accessories (i.e. mitts, scarves).

Today we'll start off with jackets.  This is an essential because without a jacket I would probably die.... And I probably don't need 4 jackets, but here's how I justify them to myself.

1. The 'I need to look nice' jacket.
Jacket from Costa Blanca (& doggy butt)

I wear this baby when I need to look good. Interviews, meetings, nice places, etc. The colour & cut is always sophisticated and the wool means that it's at least a little warm.

2. The 'oh, it's nice and mild' jacket. 

Jacket from Joe Fresh

He comes out when it's warmish outside.  When the temperature sits around 0°C or a little below, I throw him on.  He's one of my favourites because he's a great camo-green and has some faux-fur around the hood. He is beautiful.

3. The 'it's cold' jacket. 

Jacket from Guess

I wear this lady when it hits below -10°C.  She's great for the cold temperatures until a certain point of ridiculous coldness (i.e. -30°C).  At that point it get too frigid and I can still feel the cold through her, even though she's down-filled. But she's also great because she also has a faux-fur trimmed hood. I love this faux-fur thing, can ya tell? And the hood it huge so it can shield my face pretty well from the wind. Sometimes too well and I can't see anymore...this can get dangerous!

4. The 'it's too cold to feel anything' jacket.
Jacket from West 49

I wear this bad boy when I'm outside for an extended period of time.  It's a ski jacket, and not so stylish, but does the trick of keeping me warm. For those few days during the winter when it gets REALLLLLLY cold, or when I'm planning to be out for a while, I'll pull him out of the closet. I will also wear him when I'm attempting to snow-board.  I also wear this skating. I skate better than I snowboard. Usually I only fall once!

So there you have it! Not sure how the other Canadian girls do it, but this is my way of dealing with the temperature changes - alternating jackets! The key to choosing the right one is really considering the weather of the day and how long I'll be outside.  Either way, I don't know what I would do without these four lovelies in my life.

Do you alternate jackets? Am I crazy to have 4?


  1. I'm glad you did this post. I was just looking in my closet and thinking do I really need 3 jackets?! The answer is yes! So you are not crazy! I do the same and alternate them depending on the weather.

  2. Considering the amount of snow surrounding you I'd say 4 is not much, haha. I have 2 real wintercoats that are not very warm. I always wear very thick, knitted cardigans or sweater underneath when it gets really cold :) I love the one for the mild weather! ^^ Have a great, hopefully not too cold day up there in Canada! XO Nikki

  3. I own more than 4 coats/jackets, so it's definitely not crazy! I don't know how you survive the Canadian winters. I usually wear my parka when it's below 32 degrees here. I am a wimp and need to move to a warmer climate!


  4. Love how tailored and refined that first look jealous of all that snow! SoCal's barely starting to get some rain this year...we've been dry all season!

    Love this mix! Thanks for sharing!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  5. I think if you live where the climates are extreme in either direction have a selection of coats is a GREAT thing. I'd LOVE to add more to my collection but it just never gets that cold to have more than a couple!

  6. Wow! And I thought 50 degrees was cold! I do have multiple jackets, but they are pretty thin so i wear one dependent on what else I'm wearing, rather than what the temp is : )

  7. Nice jackets!

  8. LOVE the mild jacket (and the cute doggy butt)! I think it is perfectly to have 4 coats....especially when you live in such a cold place :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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