Insta-updates: This time of year.

This is one of my favourite times of the year. Here's an idea of why:

When the weather is perfect enough to wake up, throw on a t-shirt and go. Sunnies are obvs. necessary.

Hanging out with friends on the Sens Mile, cheering on our hockey team and enjoying a drink.

Going for runs along the canal in the sunshine. And the great pain that comes along with it.

Getting together with some great friends over card games; finally free from the confines of school to spend time with each other. 

And getting together with other friends to enjoy the sunshine and "not tan" because no matter how much sun I get, it just doesn't happen.

What's your favourite time of year?


  1. Oh man I cannot wait to be able to hang out with friends without worrying about school...ahh the freedom! :)

  2. YES to all these things!! Enjoy them, these are the best of times, aren't they??

  3. Spring is definitely my favorite! The weather is usually pretty perfect, and as long as the sun is shinning and it's warm out I'm happy! lol

  4. LOVE all of these things too!!! Summer is my favorite, but fall is a VERY close second.



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