Clearance finds.

Old Navy maxi dress; Forever 21 belt; Payless flats; Fossil watch

No idea why that first photo, and the 70 other photos turned out blurry. Whatever, just go with it.

I bought this maxi the other day after a long hunt for a plain black one. Found it at Old Navy. Originally $32, on sale for $17 and then an additional 20% off. Sweet, I like deals. I felt a little like this:

Yup, that about sums it up.

p.s. sorry I haven't been able to visit everyone's blogs over the past few days. Things have been hectic and it doesn't look like it's slowing down yet... I haven't decided that I hate you or something... :)


  1. Love it! I am in love with maxi dresses these days. They are just so dang comfy! Looking good kel - cant say no to clearance!!!

  2. That maxi looks SO pretty on you Kelly!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Such a pretty maxi! Yay for scoring it on clearance!

    The Tiny Heart
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  4. what a lovely dress dear!

    have a great weekend

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. Hey! I was on the hunt and scored a black maxi dress this weekend too! Yours looks great on you!

  6. I love it - so cute and what a great deal!!

  7. Lovely dress.

  8. Very cute maxi! so simple and chic.


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