What I did this weekend!

Although last weekend wasn't perfect weather, if you were enjoying the Tulip Festival in Ottawa, you had the opportunity to check out The BULB (an art/craft show) at City Hall. Guess where I was? You'll never guess.

I was there with Marianna of Castellammare Designs! She was selling her gorgeous jewellery and asked if I wanted to help her. Of COURSE I said yes. We had never met before but had sent emails back and forth a few times. I was glad to see she was just as awesome in person - she's a total sweetheart with a serious passion for jewellery making.

 Just some of her pieces she put out on display! To see more, check out her Etsy shop: Castellammare designs.

These are some of my favourite necklaces - her pendants are so pretty.

All of her jewellery is so delicate and fragile, but she makes quality her top priority. I've got a couple of necklaces from her, and after almost a year, they're still in pretty perfect condition!

Stay tuned for my very first giveaway, including one of Castellammare Design's awesome pieces...


  1. I so wish I had been in Ottawa for that! I've looked up her stuff and it is very pretty. I've been contemplating grabbing one of her pieces, and knowing that they are good quality makes me feel a lot better.

    How cool is it that you helped her out?! (Very cool, IMO)

  2. Oh how fun that you got to help her out! I have a few of her pieces as well :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  3. That sounds like fun! Her jewelry is really cute!

  4. I love the display- she did such a good job setting it all up and I hear that you were amazing with the customers.


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