Easy work style.

Joe Fresh top; American Eagle denim; Alfred sung (via Zellers) shoes

Sometimes there's nothing better than skinny jeans and heels. Top it off with a structured button-up top. This is a good work outfit for the casual office. The dark wash denim and heels add that little bit of professional, while the top is comfortable but still nicely structured.

I got back from the family camping trip last night and we had a blast! A couple weeks ago my friends introduced me to Nutella s'mores. Instead of chocolate, you put Nutella on a graham cracker. I have NO idea why I had never thought of this before. I put Nutella on everything but never considered a s'more. Either way, we ate these the entire camping trip.

Seriously guys, I think I found my new weakness. Nutella and marshmallows go together like...well, Nutella and marshmallows :) Try it next time you're making s'mores. You'll thank me. Or curse me for creating your newest addiction...


  1. Mmmmm Nutella! Goes with everything :) Love this outfit Kelly - so simple but so chic!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. yumm I love Nutella! I've been obsessed with Nutella stuffed french toast, you have to try it--so good!

    You look cute! I love your nail color

  3. Mmm, Nutella smores sound heavenly!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Love this outfit. I especially love the shirt... going to need to check out Joe Fresh :) I love how all your clothes are super affordable and accessible!

    xox kimiko

  5. Why in the world have I never thought of the Nutella smores?!?! I'm totally going to do that the next time we have smores. GENIUS!!
    And you look adorable!

  6. Nutella on a s'more. You are a genius. I may never go back! Love this look, that necklace is fantastic!

  7. Love the button up blouse! Perfect chic look for the office or a night on the town. And um no way, Nutella s'mores? I am trying this ASAP!!!

    Xo Chelle

  8. Great work outfit! Sounds like you had a blast camping. And I hear you about the Nutella thing - despite the fact that we have it at home anyway, I'm using this trip to Italy as an excuse to eat soooo much of it haha ;)

    Life Etc


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