Storms and Power and Stuff.

Ricki's top; American Eagle skinnies; H&M flats

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I know, it was only a day but it sort of felt like a lifetime. I so badly wanted to post yesterday morning but alas, the world was against me.

Monday afternoon we had some crazy storms go through our area. There were even tornado warnings. Sometimes we get warnings, but we never actually get tornadoes. Once when I was 5 I remember hiding in my basement, but that was the last time anything ever happened. Anyways. I got home from work to branches and leaves all over the streets, and a tree was down one road away from my house. The power went out and it wanted to stay out.  A friend of mine had some school work she had to submit so we went to a Starbucks and stole their internet. Assuming the power would come on that evening or overnight, I didn't write a post.

Well, the power came on at 4am, but the internet did not. So I left you guys with no post yesterday. This is my story to explain why. Don't worry, it wasn't a tornado that went through our area, just some crazy winds and hail and rain. I consider myself pretty lucky to never have extreme weather like that, I don't know what I'd do if I saw an actual tornado...

Happy Wednesday lovely readers!


  1. Haha well I think that's probably a pretty good excuse! Glad the storm wasn't too bad. We'll forgive you ;)

    Life Etc

  2. So glad you didn't actually get a tornado and that your power and internet are back :) I love the keyhole detail on your top, so cute!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. nice look, really like your top! cute!

  4. Sounds like what happened to us at the end of last month! Glad you guys are ok :)

  5. I like your outfit. Hope you will visit my blog.

  6. Power outages are the worst. We lost power for 12 days in November becuase of a freak snow storm. I was such a monster :)

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  7. You know whats kind of crazy? I am a little jealous of you and your thunderstorms. I think its kind of fun when the power goes out, and I like when a nasty thunderstorm rolls through (if no one gets hurt!) Anyway. Love these white pants on you, you look adorable in this outfit!


  8. Love this look! Glad you got your power and internet back!

  9. I always love a power outage, but not when I need power! Hahaha! It's always at the most inconvenient times isn't it?! Also, love love love the watch and those white pants!


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