This one time I won a giveaway.

eShakti dress (giveaway win); Forever 21 wedges

So this post is LONG overdue. I won this dress from a giveaway over at Verbal Melange a couple of months back. When I could choose whatever I wanted on the eShakti website, I gravitated towards this dress for two reasons. 1) I actually like the floral print. It's got brighter colours and they pop against the muted background. 2) It is 100% cotton. This is totally necessary in the crazy heat we've been having... Also it has pockets. I guess that's three reasons.

When you buy from eShakti, you have the ability to customize certain parts of the dress. I didn't touch this one because I wasn't sure how it'd look. After I got it, I would have liked if it was a couple inches shorter, but that's a cheap alteration I can do myself. 

I have a special treat for you today. eShakti is having a 40% off sale, and they are offering you guys an extra 10% off with the code KE25NEW! Hurry because it expires next Tuesday, July 31st! Find yourself a wonderful dress or peruse their other things like skirts and tops. Some of them are super duper cute.


  1. Gorgeous!! I adore the colours!! xxo Hope you're staying cool, this heat needs to go!! :(

    Keep smiling. :)

  2. This dress looks amazing on you Kelly! I LOVE the pretty print and the colours :) eShakti doesn't ship to my side of this planet so I am really bummed since their dresses are amazing and I'm a total dress freak, haha! x

  3. How cute do you look!! I really love the bold colors on the flowers and it has pocket= awesome! I'm going to check out the site now

  4. That dress is stunning on you! It would look super cute remixed too, like if you wore it as a skirt with a shirt over the top wit some pattern mixing. AH! I want to buy something from that store!


  5. insanely cute dress! wish i'd won something like that!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  6. I have the SAME eshakti dress! You haven't seen it on the blog yet since the zipper happened to break as I was trying it on. I haven't been able to get to a tailor yet to have it fixed.

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my Daisy Rae giveaway!

  7. Awww yay! I was wondering what you decided to get! This is so cute, I'm glad you got such a great dress. You look fab :)

  8. That dress is amazing on you!

  9. That dress is so much fun!


  10. Wow that's so exciting - winning things is the best!!! And it's super awesome when you get to pick something as awesome as that dress :)

    Life etc

  11. What a gorgeous dress Kelly! And it looks fabulous on you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. I would have picked this dress too. Super cute on you Kelly!
    I won a give away last week and could barely believe it. I never win anything!
    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  13. LOVE this patter and the design. Super cute win:)

  14. I love eShakti, and am having a giveaway from them right now!!! You can enter and win again! :)



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