"Meh" outfits.

Joe Fresh cardigan; Old Navy pants; Spring shoes; Forever 21 necklace

This was such a "meh" outfit for me. I love this cardigan but for some reason I find it hard to style. Not sure why - it seems like it should be simple enough. These pants are grey. Grey just doesn't strike me as "fun". There isn't much colour in this outfit either, and colour makes me happy. All of these reasons add up to a "meh" outfit. Except I like my necklace and shoes...

I guess when you're tired - and would rather sleep than pick out clothes for work the next day - it kind of shows. Well ladies and gents, I learned my lesson. Last night I picked out today's outfit, and I am thinking it's a little bit better than "meh" ;)


  1. I hate when I post a meh outfit - but it happens to us all :) I think you look really cute - love that cardi, and gray is one of my faves!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. "Meh" outfits happen to everyone, you still look super cute! I love that cardigan and your necklace!

  3. I've been having a lot of "meh" outfits lately, but I can never seem to pull together something the night before. I'm an in-the-moment dresser :) This sweater is really cute though!

  4. I thought my blog outfit yesterday was "meh" but it seemed everyone loved it (that or they're trying to be nice, haha). I think the stripes on the sweater are really cute and I wouldn't consider this "meh" at all!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Well good for you for posting it! I refuse to post my 'meh' outfits or 'meh' photos. And what's funny, when I have done it in the past, people have loved it. Go figure :) We are our toughest critics!

    The Secondhand Magpie

  6. I think it's pretty cute for a "meh" outfit!!

  7. Umm I am in love with this cardigan... I see what you mean I think I would have trouble being creative with it as well. Maybe tucked into a fun colored skirt!? I don't think this is an "Meh" outfit at all! you look great! :)


  8. Considering most of the things I own are black, white and gray (and so are my wedding colors) you know I'm loving this outfit!

  9. I am pretty sure that most times I think my outfit is "meh" no one else agrees. And this is true for this outfit too. I like it and wouldn't have thought, "meh" at all!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  10. I usually plan my work week outfits on the Sunday before because I hate feeling meh about my clothing choices! However I agree with Hannah, as fashion bloggers I feel that our 'drab' is most people's 'fab!' I really like your clean accessories and the neutral colour palette (and yay for embracing our paleness!)

  11. I like this outfit but know the feeling when you think something will work and it just feel 'meh' in the end. yeah, I have to plan the night before or else i'm doomed:)

  12. Polka Dots and PInk shoes and the Red Pants very cute


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