Polka dots.

Dynamite top and black pants; Spring shoes; Fossil watch

So for months now I've been saying I don't have enough polka-dots in my wardrobe. I was shopping at Dynamite the other day and came across this awesome top. I don't know why, but I have a hard time justifying spending over $20 on a small cami like this, but the polka-dots meant making an exception. I brought this baby home with me. I also picked up some black skinnies because my American Eagle ones got chewed by the dog. Thanks again, pup.

So back onto my polka-dot love - it's obviously not just contained to tops. A few months ago I bought polka-dotted shoes (as seen here and here). Now I have an new obsession with these American Eagle polka-dotted jeggings...

The obsession is growing, my friends.

How do you feel about polka dots? 


  1. I've never met a polka-dot I didn't love! Such a cute top!

  2. I feel the same way!! You should totally get those polka dot skinnies! I love the pop of pink from your shoes

  3. I LOVE polka dots!! and love those hot pink shoes!!

  4. I love polka dots too and I need more! Those polka dot skinnies are crazy cute! Have a great weekend, Kelly :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. I LOVE polka dots. I have tons from before the craze and have bought so many more!! I love this outfit, the black white and pink are perfect together.

  6. I LOOOOOOOOVE polka dots. Between polka dots and stripes, my closet is overflowing with patterns. I love your polka dot top--it is so playful with the pink pumps! And those leggings are too cute! Have a great day!

  7. Can I focus for a minute on those shoes? I couldn't see them at first, so I kind of "discovered" them as I scrolled down the page. SO. AWESOME. I love the pop of bright color with this outfit!

  8. I hear ya I am the same way, but I did the same thing for a top today! :) I love this one, and your pink heals.


  9. I LOVVVVEEEE polka dots :) I love this top. uber cute. Love your long legs in the skinnies :)

  10. I love those polka dot jeggings! I wish they would make some for my freakishly long legs !

  11. LOVE! I think polka dots are my second fave pattern next to floral! This top is great, you will get a lot of wear out of it and those shoes- drool! My fave pair of heels used to be pointy toed pink stilettos but I wore them out so need to get a new pair stat! Dogs eating pants? Wow I haven't heard that before!

    1. I know - but my dog is crazy. He eats everything. He's ruined shoes, underwear, pants, and his favourite toy is our old duster...? I swear, he's nuts :)

  12. such a cute outfit! Love the pop of pink;)

  13. I LOVE polka dots!! I just wore mine the other day! Check me out at:

  14. Saying I like polka dots is such an understatement. Love the blouse you bought, and I definitely think those polka dot pants should be your next purchase. They're awesome!


  15. Polka dots are a YES in my book! As i'm sure you know haha. We should do a polka dot swap! That reminds me, I am going to send you my questions today haha. LOVE those shoes!!!

  16. Polka dots AND pink... I'm in LOVE! I can't get enough of this fun print in my closet these days!

  17. So cute - I love polka dots and pink together, they're such a classic combo! Adorable outfit!


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