Sweater fever.

My fashion inspiration has been suffering. I feel like I'm in this stage where all I want to do is wear sweats and not care. I think it's the exams. Hence why I tried to dress up a sweater in this outfit. Not quite sure if it really worked:

Aritzia sweater; Old Navy gingham; Dynamite pants; Walmart boots; F21 accessories & bag

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts recently. Like I explained above, I blame exams. I'll be free the 21st... SO SOON!  I promise you there will be some wonderful outfit posts coming to you in the near future - especially when I get my new camera(!!!)

Meanwhile, I'll be studying in my sweats...

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  1. I definitely agree. I've seen so many people in their sweats around finals time - including me! It's so much more comfortable, haha, but I'm loving the more dressed up look!


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