Sale racks and coupons.

I wore this outfit to a Christmas party a friend of mine had (it was super casual, nothing fancy). The whole night I was wishing my pants were red to channel the Christmas spirit... :(

Dynamite pants; AE jacket; F21 shirt & necklace; Spring boots; H&M socks

Aside from the pants, this wool jacket was a steal from AE a couple of weeks back.  I was browsing the sale rack and came across it when I knew that it had to be mine. The price was right, originally $80 on sale for $34.99. The size was also right.  I got to the cash in all my excitement and remembered that I had received a coupon for $10 off my order. Sayyy whaaat? Yes, this wool jacket cost me $24.99. And then tax, but that's irrelevant... !!! I am super excited about it. Come spring, I'll get tonnes of use out of it. Especially when I start working...eventually.

All I gotta say is I love sale racks and coupons!


  1. That is a great deal! I went to Payless yesterday and finally found a pair of high black boots. They were originally $50 but were on sale for $30 and I had a coupon!! I ended up paying like $25 for them.

  2. Awesome deal! I'm hoping there's really good sales after Christmas.

    Love the cobalt pants, too!

  3. Awesome deal and that blue pants look great on you.

    Happy Holidays to you as well!

  4. I'm def a fan of sales. :) Lovin' the blue pants, hun.

    xx Love & Aloha


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