Holiday Party Dresses

Every year the holidays come around and I'm always wishing I had some party to go to where I could dress up in a gorgeous party dress. Usually I keep things pretty low-key and parties don't happen, but it's fun to dream, right? In my dreams, any of these would do!

1. Dynamite sequins dress
2. American Eagle stitched party dress
3. Dynamite velour & lace dress
4. Ruche novelty chiffon dress
5. Zara lace tulip dress
6. Smart set chiffon one shoulder dress


  1. nice picks kelly...I am digging some sequin and red for this season.

    xo Nav

  2. I have been trying to find the perfect party dress (that won't hurt my wallet too much) for a month now. I'll definitely have to check out Smart Set. I always overlook that store, but that red dress is gorgeous!

    Awesome picks :)


  3. Love number pretty and feminine! And who doesn't love a good ol sequin dress?

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Love them all but #4 is my favourite! love that peachy shade!

  5. Number 5 is beautiful!!! :) X

  6. Or on the flip side, I don't expect to go to any dressy holiday events... until the last minute. Which means I freak out over what to wear, hahaha. Love all your picks, especially #5 and 6!

  7. These are so pretty! I would totally love dress 6...if I had any parties to go to :)

  8. I just got a cute purple cocktail dress for my husbands work party, then I found out (after I cut the tags an hanger ribbons) that it's business casual. I think I'm going to totally wear it anyways! what the heck right?

    I like dresses 3 and 5 best!


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