I finally have red pants!.. Sort of.

Good morning all my super awesome readers! I'm excited for my red pants debut!

AE pants; Gap cardigan; Walmart boots

These pants have a super fun story/rant...

I was feeling depressed one night about not having gone shopping in a long while. I went on American Eagle's website and found awesome stuff with a coupon code.  I made an order. I did tell this story a few posts back I believe. These red pants were one of the first things to go into my cart!

Then they came in the mail, in all their red glory! It was wonderful. I checked the tag to verify the size and then tried them on. I would have said maybe they're a little big, but it wasn't worth shipping back to exchange for a smaller size (in Canada we can't go into the store to exchange...totally unfair).

After this day (above) of walking around, they were practically falling off! I didn't understand because I'm always the same size at AE. When I took them off at night, I looked at the inside-tag - they gave me a size up. But they tagged it with the wrong size. UGHHHHH ... I figured all of this out after I had already sent back the watch that I received from the same order, for exchange, because it was broken. Now I'm waiting for a free ship label. And the cherry on top? I just received the "proper" size of them, and they're ALSO tagged wrong. Now I'm waiting for ANOTHER free ship label.

American Eagle, I love you... but you are frustrating to purchase from online. No thank you.... That is all.

P.S. Because of all this, I no longer have red pants :(


  1. Yay for finding red pants. But wrong size, twice, not cool. Hope they send you the right size this time :)

  2. AE has to get their act together! If it's worth anything you look pretty awesome in the pants (that you owned for a couple of day). I've been searching high and low for red pants (that fit) and can't seem to find some that look good. I considered ordering from AE but now I'm weary...

  3. That's so frustrating. I've never understood why shipping is so complicated to Canada, it's not like it's halfway across the world.

  4. omg twice?! that sucks..I hope they send you the right size this time. I really like the red grey black combo.

  5. Oh I just imagined you doing a sad puppy face and going 'because of this I no longer have red pants'!

    Boo AE. Boo them!


  6. Ugh, that's so annoying! Sounds like they mis-tagged an entire lot of pants. These look so nice though, it'll be awesome when you finally get the right size :)

  7. I have a red pair of pants that I love!! It may be hard to beleive but they are one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe!! I hope you get yours back!!

    Love your blog! Following!



  8. Frustrating, but OH SO CUTE! (I may just be wearing mine on the blog today too...)

  9. I want red pants!


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