Meet Charlie!

Hey all! My parents just got a new puppy, and to be honest, he's just too cute not to give him his own blog post! Charlie's a 9-week old Golden Retriever pup.

Don't be fooled by his fluff and cute face - he's a total pain in the butt. He chews everything and can't figure out that peeing inside is a bad idea. He's so much work! I gotta admit, I'm definitely a cat person....though he is so cute....

What about you guys? Are you a cat or dog person?


  1. sooooo cute! cats are def. easier than dogs, but dogs are worth the effort IMO. ;)

  2. What a cutie! I love dogs (and cats).

  3. I'm dying at the level of cuteness in this post. Overload.


  4. Oh my gosh too cute!!! I'm a cat and dog person (who knew they existed)!


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