Typical fall outfit

This over-exposure thing is horrible... You can't even tell that my shirt is an oatmeal colour. It's actually very nice! Other than that, this is a typical fall outfit. Layers, cuffed jeans, booties and an umbrella. You can't forget the umbrella.

F21 sweater, jeans, shoes, purse, and necklace; Old Navy button-up; Dynamite jacket

You know those outfits that you put on and don't realize everything's from the same store? That's this outfit. Except the button-up and jacket. But still - sweater, jeans, purse, booties and necklace - all Forever 21. Can you tell that I can usually score with this brand? It's fabulous :)

And can you see that my umbrella is broken? Yep, it's pretty sad. I hate how often I feel that I have to replace my umbrellas... the wind by my apartment building does a great job of ripping them apart...

I hope everyone's having a great weekend! Any Halloween parties out there?


  1. girlfriend! I love this outfit! such a fun outfit!! love those shoes too! :)

  2. This outfit fits you like a glove :) You look amazing in it!

    & I'm especially smitten with the shoes!


  3. I love this outfit so much, especially the shoes and the bag. It all looks so good!


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