Yay for Blogger Awards!

Recently I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award by the lovely Kait from Kait Kulture.

I guess I'm supposed to say 7 random things about me! Hmm, I hate this kind of stuff because I never know what to say, but here it goes:

1. I lived in the same house from when I was born until I was 17.  The only time I've ever moved was to go to University.
2. I find it hard to read novels because I get so attached to the characters. When the books are done, I feel a huge sense of loss in my life. Does anyone else know what I mean, or am I just crazy?
3. My absolute favourite show is The Office, but it's just not the same without Michael Scott.
4. I have a midterm tonight and should be studying, but instead I'm writing this post. Oops.
5. I hate when people ask me what I want to do after school because I still have no idea. And I'm graduating in 2 months.
6. My favourite food is pasta. Anything to do with pasta makes me happy.
7. Blogging & reading blogs is my favourite past-time. If I'm not doing school work, you can usually find me here :)

Now I'll pass the award along to a few of the great bloggers that I have met recently. If I could, I would pass it back to Kait, because she's an awesome blogger and has a killer fashion sense. But I'll stick with the rules and pass it to some other awesome bloggers that I know.  Here it goes:

Emma from Verbal Mélange.  Her posts are always great, and I especially love her Fiscal Friday posts.  She's a great example of how you can shop within a budget and still look great!

Sorren from Classic Noise. I love her style and she always looks so put together.  Also, her witty posts are always fun to read.

Sabrina from Sabrina Says. She's super stylish, and her posts are always so fun. She's a great writer and always has great photos.

Melody from Happiness & Love. Love her wardrobe and those gorgeous caramel boots she's been wearing recently!

I hope you check these ladies' blogs out, because they're all pretty awesome. Now I should get back to studying... See ya!


  1. Aww, thanks for the shoutout/award :)

    I've done something like this before, and I'd feel kind of silly for doing it again because I'd probably just want to pick the same award winners all over again...haha. But I do very much appreciate the mention :)

    Good luck studying!

  2. Thanks so much for including me! You're not crazy I feel the same way about novels & pasta always makes me happy! Lol

  3. i feel the same way with your #2. it also applies to tv series. i quickly get over it within a week or two though


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