Boyfriend: "What jacket are you wearing?"
Me: "My leather one, why?"
Boyfriend: "Oh.. Okay. I won't wear mine then."
Me: "Why not?"
Boyfriend: "We'll look like 'heavy-metal-heads'."

...Boys are funny :)

Dynamite jacket; American Eagle jeans; The Bay shirt; Spring boots; F21 bag

Again, I can't get enough of this shirt. The flannel is SO soft and perfectly warm with this jacket. And these boots!!! They're the first pair that I've worn all season, crazy! I guess that means it's REALLY fall...

These photos were taken earlier in the week. Since Friday I've been between my parents' house and the boyfriend's parents' house. I've got some fun photoshoots coming up with a big change of scenery! I'm sure you're not excited about it as I am, but that's okay, I'm just a little crazy :)


  1. change of scenery is always fun. I love when I find an area that's hidden so I don't have to deal with people passing by. I always feel judged ;)
    Love this flannel. It's such a comfy way to look put together. It's like the maxi skirt of tops.
    Hope you enjoy all your Turkey dinners! xo

  2. This mix of brown and black looks really good together. Cute story about your bf! :)

  3. Can't wait to see all your new locations Kelly! I love finding new shot spots. Have fun! Love the story about you and the bf. And I love your flannel and how you half-tucked it!

  4. This is a perfect outfit. I love it so much! Also new header/design? I like it. Or I'm crazy and don't know what it looked like.

  5. It's so cute that your bf thinks about things like that! I usually have to tell Matt what to wear if I want us to look good as a couple, haha. Love the flannel/leather combo :)


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