The Forgotten Photos.

When the sun was shining and bright, I took these photos.

Spring shoes, Joe Fresh top, F21 pants, Walmart tote, Old Navy belt, Scarf??

I took these some time back in September. I don't know why they didn't get posted sooner, I guess they got overlooked.

Just a casual outfit for a day of classes. This bag has saved me from back-packs a few times because it's big enough for my computer + wallet + water bottle + snack. If only it was a little bigger, it would be able to hold two big textbooks. I guess for those days, I've got my handy dandy back-pack... I hate that thing. It's too big and I hit people in the head on the bus. Not cool.


  1. Hahaa I hate when I get hit with book bags on the bus. Cute outfit!

  2. Love the stripes (of course). Very cute outfit. Also? I need long, pretty hair like yours, haha.

    You could go real high-school and carry your textbooks, along with the purse. I did that a few times in college...though I was usually lazy and went for the backpack myself, haha

  3. Nice outfit!


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