He's so grown up!

Yesterday my little bro officially graduated high school and received his diploma. I'm so proud of him!!!

It's pretty crazy going back to high school. My brother and I are four years apart, so we haven't attended the same school, at the same time, in forever.  It was fun seeing some of my teachers again, though. Not much has changed in the last four years :)

And because this weekend is Thanksgiving weekend for Canadians, I've had my first turkey dinner of three. I know, isn't that crazy? Three turkey dinners. I'm pretty excited.


  1. congrats to your brother/family!
    im so jealous its already thanksgiving for you up there! Thanksgiving competes with Christmas for my favorite holiday!! hope you have a wonderful time with your family girl! Oh and cute outfit by the way :) love the dress/blazer look, so classic :)


  2. Aw, congrats for him! I have seven younger siblings, two of whom already graduated high school. I cried at both graduations so far, haha!


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