Three minutes flat.


Forever 21 shirt, necklace, and boots; Dynamite pants

I had to get ready in 3 minutes flat. To me, that means button up + cuffed pants + cute booties + bun. Yay for quick outfits that don't look half bad! But I am really sad you can't see my necklace. It's lots of fun and has some cute charms on it... Both it and these shoes are recent Forever 21 purchases.  I swear that place is sucking the money right out of me!

School is starting to get demanding. If I'm not working on group projects or at group meetings, I'm probably reading textbooks and studying. I can't believe it's only a few weeks in and already super demanding. And HOW is it already October? Can someone please tell me where September went? Thanks.

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  1. AMAZING shoes. I can't even look at anything else...those puppies are stealing the spotlight ;)



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