This lovely colour and a scarf DIY

Currently my favourite colour: cobalt blue.

Shirt and Pants from Dynamite; Sweater from Gap; Shoes from Aldo; Scarf - DIY below!!!

Sometimes the wind likes to attack my hair...

Like I said, I'm totally in love with this colour! It's perfect for fall - bright, but also dark/deep. Does that make sense? Anyway, after purchasing the blue pants and this blue top, I had to restrain myself from spending another $20 at Forever 21 to purchase a midi-skirt in this colour... I'm still thinking about it...

I DIY'ed this t-shirt scarf about a month ago, but I wanted to wait for the cooler weather to debut it with an outfit! I love it and would really like to make another one in a different colour. I pinned the DIY on my Pinterest. Here are some pictures of the steps (super simple steps, might I add!):

1. Get a big t-shirt. I think I used a size XL men's for this one. Cut the shirt length-wise in pieces that are about 1 inch (or so) wide. I just eyeballed it, honestly.  Cut up to the arms of the shirt.

2. Grab each strand and stretch it to make it longer... you'll notice they sort of fold inwards. Just don't stretch too hard, or you might rip the seams. Gather all of the loops together with the seams at opposite ends. 

3. Take one of the loops and cut it at each seam.  Take one of the pieces, and wrap it around the loop seams to cover them.  I stitched this down because I didn't want it to fall apart. Do the same to the other seam with the other cut piece. The end result should look like: 

4. And voila! Scarf is finished! :)

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  1. I love cobalt blue and I love this outfit on you. You look great!

    Cool scarf too. Might have to make one!


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