Safari Dress

This was another purchase from the new Forever 21 in Ottawa! I tried on this dress without actually intending to buy it. Who does that? I do that. I was just intrigued by it and was curious to see how it would look without expecting much.

You know what? It's one of my favourite pieces.

Forever 21 dress,  bracelets and belt; Payless (American Eagle) wedge heels

Here it's been fall, then summer, then fall, then summer again. I wore this during one of our summery days, hence the wedge sandals, but I'm pretty excited remix this dress with my faux-leather jacket during the fall. Oh yes. Whenever it decides to stick around for good.

Well, maybe I shouldn't ask for it too soon. My best friend's getting married this Saturday and the ceremony is outdoors.  Now the weatherman is calling for fall temperatures and a 70% chance of rain. Not cool, weatherman. Not cool.


  1. That will be an AWESOME transition piece! And it looks gorgeous on you--so flattering.

  2. I love this dress! Might have to swing by F21 in my city and see if they have it ;) You're right, it's a perfect summer-fall transition piece. Great find!


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