Not many people have seen this...

But today, you get to see Kelly's bed-head. Yes, that's right, this is how I look when I wake up in the morning:

Fabulous, no? 

Anyways, recently I was contacted by someone at Misikko to do a review of the 1.5 inch HANA Professional Flat Iron. I know you guys have probably seen so many of these reviews, so I'm going to try and give you some good, hard facts about this product, and let you know exactly how I felt about it. Remember that this review is 100% my own.

First of all, this is how it came.  Nice packaging, as you can tell. I especially love the heat-resistant mat because I've never had one of those!

I'll show you this picture again to remind you what I look like when I wake up: 

In under 9 minutes (at the hottest setting), I was able to transform that (above) to this (below): 

I was also able to curl my hair with the flat iron: 
The straightener is 1.5 inches and has a controllable heat setting that goes up to 450 degrees. It takes a couple minutes to heat up. I've been using the iron for a couple of weeks now, so I feel ready to review the product for you guys :)

I have never used a CHI Iron (Misikko sells them too!), but for three years, I have been using my extremely dependable and wonderful Metropolis Iron.  So, how do I feel about the HANA flat iron? I would give it a rating of 9/10.  It does its job wonderfully (evidence above). Obviously it straightens my hair.  

Really, the only drawback I noticed was that even on the hottest setting, I still have to go over the same pieces of hair twice to get them straight sometimes. Also it doesn't heat up as fast as my last straightener by it was a 1 inch, so less surface area to heat up.

If you're looking for a great flat iron, I would definitely recommend it!  The HANA Shine Shield Thermal Protectant also does a great job keeping my hair silky and smooth after being straightened.  Misikko also sells other styling products under the Model in a Bottle line, which can be used to set your hair with after it's been straightened.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this straightener to anyone looking for a professional, good quality flat iron. =)


  1. Your hair actually looks good when you wake's nice and wavy.

    I've the same issue with straightening my I hardly every do it, plus I like to fry my hair creating loose waves instead lol

    Your hair looks great, love it in the last two pictures.

  2. i have the most amazing flat iron too! seriously its my life saver... i cant live a day without it! haha fun post girl!



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